Important notice

The data must be used for research purpose only and are not public access through this site. All participants have given an informed and signed consent about the experiment. The acquisition protocol was submitted to the CNIL. CNIL is the French institution that protects personal data and preserves individual liberties. Consequently, the anonymity of each participant must be preserved.
These databases, devoted to vocal order home automation, are distributed free of charge, for an academic and research use only, in order to be able to compare the results obtained. By downloading these anonymous data, you agree to the following limitations:

  1. Redistribution: This database cannot be, totally or partially, further distributed, published, copied or disseminated, in any way or form, for profit or not.
  2. Commercial use: This database is not designed for any commercial use and should only be used for academic researchers in the framework of scientific research projects.
  3. To retrieve a complete subset including all the participant’s data, you must fill a PDF form and sent it to to engage yourself to use this dataset in a correct way. When done, you will receive the link to download the data of the subset.
  4. Publications: Any publication using this database should include a citation of the article:(upcoming information).

VocADom corpora

  1. The first corpus was recorded in June 2017 in the Amiqual4Home smart home. Information about VocADom@A4H is given here (Please follow the link).
  2. The second corpus was recorded in May/June 2018 in the DOMUS smart home. Information about VocADom@DOMUS is given here (Please follow the link).
  3. An artificial corpus was generated for NLU studies (understanding the vocal orders), information is given in: Thierry Desot, Stefania Raimondo, Anastasia Mishakova, François Portet, Michel Vacher. 2018. Towards a French Smart-Home Voice Command Corpus: Design and NLU Experiments. In Text, Speech and Dialogue (Lecture Notes in Computer Science), Vol. 11107. Springer-Verlag, Brno, Czech Republic, 509–517. Doi: _ 55 (access to the pre-print version of the article)